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About Lila

We offer items that are lovingly and painstakingly hand-made, from up to 100 years ago. Beautiful antique lace, that appears like threaded jewelry. High-quality and stylish European brands that have now become antiques or "vintage". Timeless pieces such as denim. A lineup of high-quality items with luxury that mix past and present.


Since I was a girl, I've been interested in worldwide fashion, music and culture. In my previous profession I worked as a buyer for a high-brand company which allowed me to visit Europe many times. Everyone always seemed to enjoy themselves, everyone had their own particular style, to me everyone was beautiful. I have been blessed with a culture that continues to respect foreign individuality. At Lila we put forward styles that freely mix high-quality vintage themes with a collection of designs inspired from many origins! We've been doing it since 2010. Our style concept is "girly", but sophisticated.

Enjoy yourself, love and shine bright!

Service Policy

Thank you for shopping with us. In our shop we carefully select various items of the best conditions that we find across Europe, but as is the case with vintage clothing, certain items will be appear more used than others, and certain aspects of aging is to be expected. This is the world of antiques, where treasures are passed from person to person. What was once someone elses treasure, will become your treasure. Such is the attraction that these items hold, the atmosphere they command, their history, the many stories and secrets they have held along the years. I thank you in advance for your understanding and appreciation of such characteristics.

We also offer alterations and tailoring services on purchased items, enabling you to enjoy your garment for as long as possible. Please ask us for an estimate on selected pieces.